Deltrain is a key reference in the people movers industry at international level

Deltrain has been a manufacturer of tourist trains in Portugal since 1997. Our products are developed and manufactured by a highly qualified and experienced production team.

Watch the building process


To be recognized as a company that emphasizes the quality and durability of its products. To be recognized as an innovative company specializing in the manufacture of standard or customized tourist trains.


Provide high quality tourist trains that fully satisfy the needs of customers, exceeding their expectations. Permanent improvement and innovation of products and services, ensuring maximum efficiency. Minimization of environmental impact


The person comes first: customer, employee and supplier. Professionalism, excellence and personalized service. Product quality and durability. Maximum security in the solutions offered.



We strive to reduce CO2 emissions of our products by developing eco friendly mobility solutions

Our manufacturing process is optimized to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. About 88% of the raw materials we use in our trains are fully recyclable. In partnership with national environmental institutions, Deltrain is committed to planting a minimum of 10 trees for each unit manufactured. Those inniciatives takes place every year in partnership with the Plantar uma Árvore Association in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The action aimed to promote the regeneration of native forest and native species, enhance biodiversity and reduce the risk of fire.

How we do it

Watch the process

The construction of the trains consists of three phases:

metalworking, painting and assembly.

From project design, through the manufacture of the train, to delivery at the location defined by the customer, the entire process takes place at Deltrain. This is essential to ensure the excellent quality of our trains as well as to remain at the forefront of innovation. At any stage of production, the customer can visit Deltrain to monitor the manufacture of their tourist train.